Goal Setting Hypothesis

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Most of the companies today spent thousands of dollars for the testing program for the website but only few of them care to frame a hypothesis and set a goal before the begin testing. Due to this minor glitch companies, do not get good results even though their testing program is well built and well monitored.
Importance of Setting GOALS It is always considered as a prime step to set a goal is because of the benchmarking strategy, which means that, instead of just bluntly analyzing the data and relying on continuous improvement, same process can be repeated with different set of goals and once one goal is catered then that effort can be utilized to cater other goals.
Before even starting to create a website, the first task is to analyze what
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For every successful experiment the key secret for success is always a good hypothesis. Hypothesis is a predictable question instead of any open minded opinion.
For instance, if there is an e commerce website with very low sales for particular category. Then from the previous data of the website tracking, it is understood from the flow that visitors are spending more time on the home or landing page instead of the inner pages. Given that, the hypothesis can be to keep the promotions of the unsold product somewhere in the middle of the landing page visible to the visitors. If we break down the components of a hypothesis, then one of the important components is the variable. Variable of the website is an element which can be modified, removed or added. Variables which can be a potential risk to the goals set, can be removed, modified or isolated. Next important part of the hypothesis is the result, which is nothing but the short term goals that the website needs to accomplish. Again to choose a precise goal, historical data can be of great use. One must always keep the predictions in the experimental region also known as scope of the hypothesis. An effective hypothesis will not only drive the testing strategy but also help in running the testing program more

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