The Importance Of Self Development

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What are the golden rules to develop your skills and become a real business developer?
Rule number 1: Know your weaknesses and admit it:
Skills development is a simple process of self-development. Once you are able to find the way of changing your inner world, your mindset and your attitude; your outcome and the results you will get in your outer world will change definitely and you will start seeing “magic”. Just keep in mind that something can’t be changed unless you know it exists, be aware of it and admit its existence.
Rule number 2: Plan your career
Know what you want to achieve, what is your aim and objectives, plan your career.
Rule number 3: be a warrior
Most of the threats are common between you and your competitors. The only way
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Search and listen for the negative feedback, don’t be defensive. We all know – and sure you do as well – your strengths, but did you ever pointed your weaknesses and worked on them? Trust me it is the only way to evolve.
Talk to your customer and check his needs and complaints. Understand what makes him happy by dealing with your competitor. Never do assumptions: who told you that your customer will find your service expensive? Who told you that you cannot change the system? Isn’t it made to serve and satisfy your customer?
Rule number 6: Emulate others
Fast track your path to success by following in the footsteps of the pros. Look at those who succeeded at what you are aiming for and imitate them. The best learning process is simply by imitating the successful person.
Rule number 7: Networking and building trust
Business is all about connections and network. The more you know people the ore you can make money. Visit regularly your customers, check on them, send them greeting on special occasions; let them feel your honesty and gain their trust. Networking is simply building a free sales force and 90% of new customers will come from their referrals.

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