The Importance Of Schooling And Education

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Many of today’s education techniques and practices are outdated, and if America seeks to thrive in the 21st century our understanding of schooling and education should to be redefined. This paper puts forth proven concepts that would improve the elementary school experience in the areas of attending school, nature of learners, curriculum, instructional methods, classroom management, assessments, and being a professional teacher in the community. Education is society‘s tool, and using that tool competently can shape our nation’s future. By using various philosophies, teaching methods, and classroom design, teachers can be more successful with students.
The Schooling Environment Having a longer school day with later hours would allow teachers to spend more time on topics where they feel students are not grasping the material as presented.. Mary B. Walker and
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Using an essentialist philosophy would be employed when testing knowledge-base curricula and would measure students’ IQ; standardized tests would guarantee that every student is learning the same concepts (Webb, D.L. el al., 2013). Using the postmodern approach would allow students to express themselves more creatively, as this second philosophy encourages the use of personal narratives, journals, and media portfolios (Webb, D.L. el al., 2013). A postmodern approach offers a more efficient measure when testing for morality or creativity and would allow every student to be inclusive. The essentialist philosophy offers many logical solutions to our education problems; however, measuring students’ understanding of facts stops short of allowing them to think beyond the information learned in order to relate to their personal learning. One solution is mixing this with a postmodern philosophy. By doing so, educators stand to be more successful with

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