Creative Communication Research Paper

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Creative Communications in the Classroom Communications in the classroom are very important for teaching and learning. Creating a safe and open communications environment will be one of the difficulties facing a new teacher. Teachers can use effective communications to create a wonderful learning environment, an environment where students will want to be an active participant in their learning. I believe having a student centered classroom, which is where the teacher is the guide to the student learning; will be the first step in creating a safe and open communications environment. There are many great tools that teachers can use such as helping student develop their self-concept, teaching effective listening skills, and using non-verbal communications …show more content…
Communications will be our greatest asset other than knowledge. How we present ourselves to our student will affect their behavior towards school. Unhappy teachers create unhappy classrooms where communication in mostly nonexistent. Student today have many distraction that need to be addressed to help them adjust to a new and uncertain environment. Teachers are the guide that will help them to adjust and will encourage them to participate in their own learning. Parents leave their children in our care assuming that we are creating a positive, safe, and open learning environment. It is our skills as an effective communicator that will encourage our students to become effective communicators as well. Teachers need to consider themselves as role models for their student. Students spend the longest part of the day with their teacher and many students learn by watching, listening, and participating, therefore we need to set an excellent example. There are many concepts, ideas, and great tools for teachers to accomplish this goal. This paper has named a few such as effective listening skills, self-concept, and using verbal and nonverbal communications that every teacher will need to be proficient at teaching. It is our goal to encourage our student to become not just good but effective communicators because this is a tool that they will use throughout their

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