Dress Code Persuasive Speech

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School dress code has been a controversial topic over many years. This topic is huge simply because some think it is a sexist act towards girls also people thinks it questions boys maturity level. While others think it is teaching children a good dressing technique that they will need later on in the future of different jobs, interview and other business opportunities. All schools should think about adopting school uniforms because it’ll stop competition between students, making the school a safer place for the students and teachers, getting the kids ready for the real working world.
To begin school dress code is a great thing simply because it eliminates all competition amongst students. Students get bullied because they are less fortunate
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School dress code will make school safer by clearly identifying students from visitors, the people who work there and also people that aren’t supposed to be there. Some parents and teachers dress like students and are update with the fashion trends which sometime confuse the workers in the school from separating them from the students. School dress code will stop a lot of things like gang violence and disagreements with religion. A lot of kids wear different things on their shirts rather its has to do with gang related things or religion. Its a huge possibility that it can offend someone because it 's not their beliefs or they have a problem with the gang related pictures. Adopting dress code will be a good thing because everyone will look the same which will stop people from fighting, arguing and putting down each other because everyone will be dressed in the same …show more content…
School dress code teaches kids a lot of different techniques meant for the working world. Getting them use to dress code will help them in the future because they will know not to dress inappropriate to work or other places. In Katlin Menza article “Which side are you on,” she states, “high school is also the training ground for real life.” Dress code props children in the appropriate way to dress rather it 's to work, interview or meeting it helps both male and female. Dress code will teach kids the difference between inappropriate dressing and appropriate dressing which will be needed in the real

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