The Importance Of Running Back In Football

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Callaway initially introduces that there are two different types of running backs, shifty back and power back. Although they have different styles of running the ball, all back have a certain skills required to be successful on the field. One skill all backs must have would be vision, or in football terms, the ability to see to a hole in the line of scrimmage as the play develops. Vison also applies to being able to run and follow one’s blockers to produce the best amount of yardage. Also, a running back should have good hands or be able to catch the ball. With this skill it makes the back more versatile as a player and gives them another way to gain yards. In addition to being able to catch, they need to be able to block pass rushers, such as blitzing linebackers, and protect the quarterback. This is very important because it can give the quarterback extra time to throw the ball. Even more, a running back must be durable and be able to avoid taking big hits. Almost all plays end with a tackle, so minimizing the amount of hits is good not only for getting yards but for the player’s health. …show more content…
Running backs use to be the most valuable player on the team, however due to the increase in pass first and spread offenses, there started to become less important. So more players such as wide receivers and quarterbacks are being drafted in earlier rounds or before running backs. Also, the running back who use to carry the team on their back by averaging 30 carries a game are gone since teams are throwing the ball more than half the time. Even college teams have change the position of running back, Stephen Holder says, by using mostly the shot gun position it took away the traditional power back. Although, there are a few coaches that use a every down back, it’s just become more of a rare occurrence in our

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