The Importance Of Revisions In Education

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Essay #5 Education has always been important for many generations. However, recently our educational systems have shown very little interest in improving a student’s talents and focusing on implementing what they classify as important into a child’s mind. I would make four major revisions in our educational system. First, I would increase the requirements to become a licensed instructor in our schools. Second, providing regular tests that would calculate individual progress in students. Third, change the required classes for a high school diploma. Finally, high school graduates are not required to complete General Education courses if they are not required by their major. The center of attention in the revisions I would apply into our school …show more content…
However, what about art, music, athletics, physical health, business, and architecture. Students are allowed to choose a certain amount of classes each year and because of the many requirements for a high school diploma, they are not allowed to explore the variety of courses offered in school. If a student was only required to take english, math, history, and science they would have the opportunity to find their interest and prepare for it in the future. Universities and Colleges do the same mistake by requiring student to take certain classes, before starting their education in their …show more content…
However, there should be two exceptions. One, if the person has not attended school for, more than, a year then they should be required to complete the general education courses. Two, the person should also be required to complete the courses if their major requires them. This keeps students from wasting thousands of dollars on subjects they went through in high school. It is a waste of their money and time. These four changes focus on the benefits of students. All of these changes will help a student stay in school and prepare for their future plans. Our educational system has limited the choices a student thought of and with these revisions students will learn to think for themselves. They will graduate and help our society strive with the passion and interest they inherited from their experience in

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