The Importance Of Retreats

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Psychologist Joan Borysenko, PhD, proclaimed that “to get clarity of vision in your life, you have to get away from it.” To help others do so, she leads retreats based off her book, “Your Soul’s Compass” (Hay House, 2007). This soul-searching achieved through exploratory retreats apart from our daily routines can spark new modifications in one’s former life. Borysenko explains that as many of us function primarily from too much critical thinking, we prohibit the free-associating intuitive ideas that can launch us towards a new path of happiness and fulfillment. From joining organized retreats to embarking on unknown territories, this journey is crucial to exploring oneself. This concept emphasizes the importance of stepping away from reality to embrace nature and to seek one’s personal desires in life.

Cultural barriers are defined as "when cultural language, beliefs, traditions, and ancestral influences become obstacles." As there are many different
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Many people face discomfort and never-ending stress, from living expenses to supporting dependents; the mayhem may seem ceaseless. Being unaware is another factor of suffering, troubled by our responses to everyday reality. As we face problems we have little or no control over, there could also be internal issues going on in ourselves demanding attention, needing to be recognized and repaired. By taking time to focus on these internal conflicts such as questioning one’s self identity or principals, we are able to efficiently dismiss excess distress. From reflecting on our past, recognizing its influence on our present lives, we are able to realize our ambitions and set goals in place. The approach was referred to previously by Margarita Rozenfeld, where the topic was touched on about seeing ourselves in a different light due to the exposure of others whom we are not familiar

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