Compare And Contrast Apess And Bradstreet

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Nobody Understands: Styles of Apess and Bradstreet Looking at self in the mirror is harder than meets the eye. Having to look at flaws, regrets, and disappointments that occurred in one’s life can be devastating. It is easier to judge someone else’s life and telling them, then looking at self. By facing self and dealing with all the flaws one becomes “healed” or at least the process has begun. Apess, an Indian looked at as an outcast and constantly judge by their way of living. Bradstreet, a wife, mother, and a writer, goes from day to day to hold her head up and look at all the good God has given her. Apess and Bradstreet both look at self in a unique sense that makes one wonder if examining self-first is a better way to live.
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Apess writes, “If black or red skins or any color is disgraceful to God, it appears that he has disgraced himself a great deal” (pg.501). He tries to give the audience an understanding of why they should not be rude to any color skin. They should not disrespect anybody because that is like showing a lack of respect towards God. Now in the poem, To My Dear Children Bradstreet says, “Among all my experiences of God’s gracious dealings with me, I have constantly observed this, that He hath never suffered me long to sit loose from Him” (pg.124). In this quote Bradstreet expresses how God never let her suffered long and it does not matter the situation that she would always go back to him. He is the love of her life and kept her safe at all times. Furthermore Bradstreet is trying to show her children to keep God first and he will not make you hurt long because he protected her so he will protect them as well. Now in both of the quotes from Apess and Bradstreet they use God to attract the readers and make them listen to the words they are saying. Apess is trying to prove to the white man that if he is a real Christian of God that he will not disrespect people of different color. But if they do show lack of respect to blacks and Indian people than they are not a true follower of God. The white men are just showing they believe more of the devil views than God’s beliefs. However, in Bradstreet letter to her kids she wants them to trust in God because he will always be there and lead you into the right direction. He is the only man that will forgive no matter how bad the circumstances. In her letter To My Dear Children she tells all her life stories that were good and bad to let them know God’s love is

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