Unproductive Student Behavior Analysis

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As educators, we need to understand and learn how to become more skilled at implementing new methods for responding to unproductive student behavior. Definitely, it is not an easy task for most educators. We know that our responsibility is to teach and help all students become productive citizens even if they come from home with a negative attitude; therefore, we need to find new alternative ways on how to handle these unproductive student behaviors without confronting them. One of the most common classroom management challenges facing teachers is how to effectively respond when a student disrupts the classroom while the teacher is presenting the lesson (Jones & Jones, 2016). Even though I am an experience educator, I feel the need of acquiring …show more content…
The option that I selected to be more successful was to move near the student using proximity control and include him in the lesson so he could feel involved in the lesson. The other two options were not appropriate interventions for an effective educator because they did not provide an opportunity for the student to grow and learn. According to Jones and Jones (2016), discipline should be perceived as an opportunity to teach students a set of values about how people can live together in our society. In the second scenario the student fails and keeps disrupting the learning process. The option that I selected was to show respect for the student by validating his feelings and emphasizing him to take responsibility for his behavior as well as providing an option to develop a new skill. On scenario number three, the student seems to be intimidating others students talking loudly, I chose to intervene by implementing the I-messages method because I am providing assistance and an opportunity to work with me to improve his skills in this important area. The other two options were not effective interventions because both options emphasize the implementation of …show more content…
The other option was not appropriate because it emphasized that punishment had to be implemented so students can learn to behave. Many teachers implement punishment methods with their students because they do not want to spend time dealing with them. In scenario number two, the teacher is not sure about the effectiveness of the discipline system and wants to know if it meets the best practice standards. In this scenario, I chose the option of discussing with the administrator, but I also thought it was a good idea to compare my ideas to concepts by leaders in the field. I think option number one is not an appropriate method because it deals with asking teachers that you respect to review your ideas. Just because you respect a person or colleague, it does not mean they are experts in evaluating a discipline system. All the options that I selected during the simulation were focused on helping students learn how to behave appropriately, providing opportunities for them to grow and succeed in the school environment. Some options provided were not appropriate. For instance, some options given were not effective methods such as writing the student’s name on a

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