Personal Narrative: A Personal Experience Of Religion

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My grandfather’s grandfather told him, who told me, that years ago a man was sent to Earth to straighten out the people who inhabited it. He was brought to Earth in a vessel and was placed inside a woman’s body. This woman was forced to birth the unknown being that grew inside her. She raised the infant that came from her into the man people respect today. This man spoke of a great and powerful being that would force damnation on all the world if the people didn’t obey his commands. Naturally, the people sought out to punish the man. They beat him, threw rocks at him, and whipped him until his back couldn’t even bleed anymore. Raw, red slashes against the skin of an infamous man. Most watched and laughed at this man’s misfortune, calling him …show more content…
This is true for all religions, but not all families. Broadening the experience of religion for a child so they can choose what they want to believe is a choice some parents make. I asked my friend, Ashlee Henderson, about her experience with religion in her family. Ashlee is a hard-working, determined person who loves to learn about new things. “I grew up Christian.” She tells me, “We went to church. We volunteered. I went to youth-group, the whole nine-yards.” She goes into a bit more detail about how in school she met people with different religions and it was just so foreign to her. Ashlee tells me that she didn’t even realize that people could either believed in a different God or no God at all. “I didn’t know what to think. I just grew up knowing that God was who determined my life for me. He was the planner.” Ashlee explained this to me and then began to talk more about school, “I started to question my faith after a while. I’d still say I’m Christian now, but I have a different respect for cultures.” Which is something I think all of us should experience in our life. We should all be able to look at our life from a different perspective and see that while we are all unique, we’re really not that

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