Kingdom Of God Research Paper

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I-Irresistible grace says that if you are among the chosen or elect of God, you cannot refuse God’s salvation; your will has nothing to do with your salvation. You will be unable to resist God’s grace.
P-Perseverance of the saints means that elect cannot lose their salvation. Once you are saved- which, if you are among the elect, will take place-cannot slip away; you will persevere in your faith until the Day of Judgement. If you do slip away from God, it is likely that you were not really one of the elect.
I believe God calls us to show compassion, to reach out as his hands and voice, and to serve him by serving those in need. We are compelled by him to surround with love and care those who struggle. In this way God uses people as his agents
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Fee writes, “The church is the community of the kingdom, but never the Kingdom itself”. The Kingdom is the rule of God; the church is a society of men and women . Then, Mr. Fee explains, factors that help to organize the church placement in the Kingdom of God in five key elements. First, the first missionaries preached the Kingdom of God, not the church. Meaning, missionaries are prepared to be a witness to lost, sick, poor, and depress, by going into the world proclaiming a message of Jesus Christ. Second, the Kingdom creates the church. Meaning, God has an eternal place in the heaven, prepared, for prepared people, for those that have accepted the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ . Third, it is the church’s mission to witness to the Kingdom. The church cannot build the Kingdom or become the Kingdom, but the church witnesses to the Kingdom- to God’s redeeming acts in Christ both past and future . Meaning, prophesy was proclaimed in the Old and New Testament about the coming of Christ and the expressions are still relevant today. Fourth, the church is the instrument of the Kingdom. Meaning, God placed gift of artistry in man to create a house of worship for his people to assemble. Five, the church is the custodian of the Kingdom. Meaning, the church must uphold the status of the Kingdom, before the people of God in the role of

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