Pediatrician Oncology Nursing Research Paper

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Since I can remember, I have wanted to be a nurse. Not just a regular Register Nurse but a Pediatrician Oncology Nurse. That is why I have decided to write this paper on how children with cancer use religion in their lives at such a critical time, how their parents use spirituality to cope, and spiritual distress. In the article, Seminars in Oncology Nursing, it states “Spiritual integrity is a basic human need, the perceived spirit within each individual as a driving force giving mean to life for that individual.” (Hart & Schneider 263) Spiritual care is provided to children by different activities that provide children with a meaning of life. “Activities such as holding, comforting, play therapy, providing pain control, and fostering parental …show more content…
Toddlers and preschoolers like predictable environments so it is important to keep routines, even after the child has been diagnosed with cancer. If the child has religious practices they need to stay apart of their daily routine. “Rituals such as prayer before meals and bedtime, favorite religious stories, and religious songs should be continued in the hospital setting.” (Hart & Schneider 267) Keep in mind of being respectful of these practices. Religious pictures such as Jesus or other familiar religious persons are beneficial to comfort the …show more content…
There has been limited research done on this topic and I felt it was an important matter to discuss. As a future health care professional, I now have the knowledge to offer support to the children and families of this horrendous battle of cancer by acknowledging spiritual beliefs. Spiritual care can provide children with a meaning of life, fulfillment, and a meaning of their illness. It is my job as future nurse to provide care that does not focus on the disease of the child, have a listening ear, and to take any questions asked by the child seriously. It is my job as a future nurse to be there for the family, listen to the family’s thoughts and emotions, and to acknowledge their spiritual beliefs. “When one is spiritual, a hopeful attitude in relation to chronic and/or fatal illness is often fostered.” (Schneider & Mannell

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