The Cellist Of Sarajevo Character Analysis

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Living in a world of fantasies while choosing to ignore the reality an individual must face, is more common than imagined. It can be argued that illusion is born out of reality. Individuals desire and strive for an idealistic life, without adversities hindering someone from reaching their full potential. Yet, when someone is determined to look past the illusions and focus on the sour and uncomfortable reality, they commence to step out of their comfort zone and become a stronger person; this can be physically, emotionally, or spiritually. In the novel, The Cellist of Sarajevo, written by Steven Galloway, introduces the character of Kenan who struggles facing reality and is unable to make a difference due to his lack of confidence. Kenan attempts to live a life in which he disregards reality, which enables himself to not make a difference in a destructive city.
Initially, Kenan was identified as a shy man who focused on illusions instead of the frightening present his family and the rest of Sarajevo is facing. In the beginning, when he was shaving, a spark of electricity lighted the bathroom. This brought him excitement because he was used to shaving “by candlelight with soap and cold water.”
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The illusions that he lived in only lasted a short amount of time until he realized that the problems in reality are inevitable. Evidently, the perception of yourself must be refined in order to allow change to occur. Kenan demonstrated the concept of self-perception when he chose to look into reality instead of illusions that seemed ideal. The impact placed on the individual being benefitted is significant to address because it shows the effect it has on them and others. Facing a problem head on is not an easy task, yet taking the step will lead to a better present and a peaceful

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