Personal Narrative: My Middle School

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Growing up as a kid my mom and grandmother use to tell me reading will take you far in life. Every night before I went to bed they would read me a story weather I was at home my mom would read to me one of my favorite books which was Dr.Seus green eggs and ham. This book was my favorite because I like the way things rhymed and how he tried to make him like green eggs and ham and at the end he did. Going to my grandmother house she would always read me this Michael Jordan book and it talked about how he never gave up on playing basketball when he was little and growing up getting cut from the varsity team and next year coming back even better the next year so the coach had no choice but to put him on the team. Being taught how to read was a challenge I started reading at the age of three. I would read all of the Dr. Seus books because I was so young. But I caught on fast learned a couple new words along the way. I also was taught how to write at the age of three my mom would write …show more content…
This gave me confidence in reading and writing because hearing from another person that they believe in you was amazing to me always gave me the extra confidence I needed. Since then I’ve always been in honor English classes and always did well never averaged less than a letter grade of a b in English. Being in college now I feel that English is still my best course because it’s just something about it I always seem to understand it way better than any other subject. Even though there have been some tuff obstacles like thinking about what to write about and going deep into detail I feel like my reading and writing is still continuing to get better and

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