The Importance Of Rain On The Planet Venus

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Hey everyone! Did you know that it rains on different worlds?

On Earth when stuff falls from the sky, what do we see? Well it varies depending on the temperature but you can rest assured that what you see and feel is water. The stuff is everywhere! It comes in different forms such as liquid and a solid. So how is rain formed? Rain happens through a process called the water cycle. Simply put, water is evaporated from sources like rivers, lakes and oceans and rises into the air. As temperatures cool, the water vapor condenses and forms a cloud! Once water is condensed into a cloud, the cloud forms water droplets which then form into water drops. Once these water drops are heavy enough most of it makes it back to the surface as rain and this is the never-ending loop of the water cycle.

In bad thunderstorms, the drops that begin falling back to the surface get blown back high in to the atmosphere into freezing temperatures (This is an updraft). The drop begins to fall again gaining more moisture and getting bigger. This happens over and over again until the drop is big enough to fall down to the surface as hail.
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What is it like on other worlds? Let 's take a trip to the first stop in our adventure, the planet Venus. Venus is Earth 's twin. It closely resembles the size of our home. Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system. It has an atmosphere that is composed mostly of carbon dioxide and clouds saturated with sulfuric acid. Sulfuric acid is a strong mineral acid. It is strong enough to eat through living tissues, stone, and even metal! Assuming you would be able to survive all other aspects of Venus ' harsh environment, if you happen to get caught in this super concentrated sulfuric acid rain, it would be a very bad

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