Race To Race Relations Essay

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Many historians argue that race has played a central role in the history of the United States and I have to say that I completely agree with that statement. Everything that has occurred from the time slavery started to this present day has somehow affected race-to-race relations or was affected by the race-to-race relations.
To this day people still fight for the equality of the races but that still hasn’t been able to completely happen just yet. For example the American to African American relations although they are not as bad as they used to be because, I don’t think anything can be compared to what many African Americans have had to go through in the Antebellum times there’s still many issues between the two races. One of the biggest of
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Freddie Gray was from Baltimore it was said that Gray died from a spinal injury while in police custody. The reasoning for the arrest of this man in the first place was because a police officer had stated that he had looked at Gray in the eyes and Gray ran away so this was enough for police to go after him. During his arrest there were videos taken by people saying that his leg seemed injured but they continued to drag him into the van and that upon the request for an inhaler to treat his asthma he was not given one. Yet those were not the reasons for his death while at the hospital he was treated for three fractured vertebrae and a crushed voice box, which has been said that these sorts of injuries only occur in car accidents. Police stated many times that no force was used which was quit a surprise to many. That having said raised many questions as to what happened and brought up the fact that initially although he did run technically the police had no reason to run after him. Mike Brown from Ferguson, Missouri was shot to death. It was said that he was walking with a friend when a police car drove up to them and the police office told them to “get on the side walk” (some bad words included.) Then it was said that the officer threatened to shoot them, at that moment Brown ran and at some point he raised his hands as to surrender but was still shot multiple times. Eric

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