The Importance Of Race And Ethnicity And Its Influenced My Life

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through many changes and didn’t think my parents understood which was why the influence of my peers on my behaviors increased.
Race and ethnicity has influenced my life in many ways and up until now I am living with the discriminations that came with not belonging to a certain group of people. People make choices subconsciously based on the racial group they belong to. Individuals have preference of people of their own ethnicity over people of a different ethnic group. Here in the United States, stereotypes and prejudices of people belonging to a certain racial group has been minimized presumably because of high level education and cultural assimilation of individuals of different ethnic groups since America as a nation has overly become a
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This scholarship I believe was sponsored by the staff and faculties of the school to support alumni who have been helping out in the community. I was just done with my classes for the day one evening and was about to leave campus when I received a phone call from a friend who told me about the scholarship. I decided to go to the office but there was a note on her door saying she will be in her office at 1pm. When I came back she wasn’t back; I decided to wait a little while at the door. While waiting, she came and I requested for the application and she told me she didn’t have the application and she gave me her card to make an appointment with her to come in for the application and that she cannot meet up until after the 29th which is supposed to be the dead line of the application. An hour later, my friend who is not the same race as the coordinator but looks like she is of her race, went in and was given the application. Based on this experience and some other experiences from my pass, my race and ethnicity had influence the kind of choices I make. If we continue making choices to satisfy our selves by making preference of people of our type rather than the qualified people, it will be hard to make

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