Social Construction Of Race Essay

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The Social construction of Race
Race-The Power Of Illusion video describes whether the race is biological myth or socially constructed. It mentions the views of normal people and people who are specialized in the anthropology, genetics or biologist on race.
From that video, all research and argues open my eyes about the race construction in our society. I conclude that the racial is rooted in a false believe that it is characterized by the physical appearances like hair color, skin color, eye shape, body shape and so on and these characters are the key points to classify the different races. Some people believe that musical traits, athletics’ performances, intelligence are different for every group and race is biological real because these
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Races are classified according to skin color, eye shape, body shape and hair color. In addition, people believe that some characters are special for some groups. Like Asian people are more studios, Blacks involve in crimes more than other groups, Korean people are excellent in athletes. When we see the people, we categorize them automatically, unconsciously, immediately on the basis of race, sex and age. The textbook Intro to Sociology describe the example of “one-drop rule” in 1800. In this, if a person has a single drop of “Black blood”, he was recognized as Black. This is the vivid example of human thoughts on the race in the USA. According to the PBS link on the social construction of race: What is Race? Is Race Real?, race justified the social inequality in society. This creates discrimination and prejudice attitudes. The people don’t want to be a stereotype, still they give their thoughts by being stereotype. There are few examples who carried the stereotype studies. The video Race & Sex: What We Think But Can 't Say describes an experiment that have children. The teacher shows two pictures of white and black people to the children. Every child says that white person is good and black people is not good, may be criminal. The children show stereotype behavior towards that people. Thus, in the United States, the race is defined on the basis of visual characteristics and it is the human view to see

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