The Writing Situation Analysis

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Fourth Assignment
Task 1. Open your Compact Handbook. Find Part 1, “The Writing Situation.” Summarize section 1a in complete paragraphs. Outline its important points using both your own words and brief quotations accompanied by commentary. Use MLA style for “In-Text Citations” when quoting material. You need a no fewer than 300 words. The writing situation consists of all of the circumstances given when writing a piece. In order to write a successful piece a writer must assemble all of the elements and evaluate the situation. There are many different elements in writing that can shift the direction a writer goes.
One of the most important elements an author must consider is the context of the piece. The text book advises that you ask yourself,
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Aaron describes it as, “Your purpose in writing is your chief reason for communicating something about your subject to a particular audience of readers” (6). The purpose should address a reader’s question. Most purposes are for entertaining readers, explaining things, conveying the authors emotions, or coaxing readers to accept a position. Purposes can occasionally overlap, but often times one is dominant. This dominate purpose influences you’re your writing style. It can also influence which details you choose to provide the reader. As we looked at earlier, a too broad topic can quickly turn into a mess. “Many writing assignments narrow the purpose by using a signal word” (Aaron 6). These signal words apply to every genre and type of writing. One example would be an argument; the author would take a position and defend it with facts. In an assignment a purpose might look like this; To argue that alcohol related deaths would be reduced if the drinking age was raised by five years. Another example would be comparing and contrasting; the author would identify the key differences and similarities between two things. An example purpose would be, to compare and contrast capitalism vs socialism in order to give the reader a better …show more content…
An audience is the people that are most likely to read your work. This audience will influence the way that you approach your assignment. There are certain questions that can help you define your audience and make choice about your work such as tone and background information. The first thing you must know is who your readers will be. The text book advices you ask, “What are my readers’ expectations for the genre of writing” (Aaron 40). This is important since types of writing vary greatly. While considering your audience, you should also consider the tone and the role you should take. You could be formal or informal. Another important question to ask yourself would be, what characteristics are important for the reader and the subject. While you consider the reader’s characteristics Aaron advises you to ask, “What will the characteristics of readers influence their attitudes toward my subject” (8). If you are writing a paper about political views, the readers socioeconomic status and moral beliefs may matter more than if you were writing another subject. As an author, you must also address your audience’s knowledge about the subject at hand. It is recommended that you identify how much they know beforehand. This will allow you to focus on parts of the subject that are interesting and relevant. As an author you will also want to address how you present new information. Think about what might surprise them or offend readers. You

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