The Importance Of Psychology In Frankenstein

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The practice of psychology plays a key role in determining how and why people think the way they do. This field of medicine has the power to drastically improve people’s lives and provide them with clarity and solutions to certain situations in their lives with which they are struggling. Psychologists can help someone understand their early childhood years by resurrecting repressed memories that helped shape them into their adult state. Psychology can also aid people in building better relationships, improving their communication skills, and even boosting self-confidence. The study of psychology was in its infancy when Mary Shelley wrote her novel, Frankenstein, however, Sigmund Freud 's ideas and theories are clearly displayed throughout the …show more content…
As a child, Freud wanted to pursue his dreams in having a career in law yet decided to switch to become a medical student shortly before starting his education at the University of Vienna (Freud, Sigmund). The beginning of Freud 's passion for science was driven by “[his] intense desire to study natural science and to solve some of the challenging problems confronting contemporary scientists (Freud, Sigmund). When Freud was a junior in college, he started research on the central nervous system which he neglected because the research consumed most of his time. As a result of Fred’s neglect, it cost him three more years in medical school than normally required. Finally in 1881, Freud received his medical degree. Freud went on to receive the government grant which gave him the opportunity to travel to Paris, France for 19 weeks to study under the influence of French neurologist Jean Charcot (Freud, Sigmund). Charcot was a director of a mental hospital which was “treating nervous disorders by the use of hypnotic suggestion”; Freud was inspired by Charcot’s treatment of using hypnosis in treating patients (Freud, Sigmund). Freud then started to think of numerous ways to help treat mental illnesses and ways to explain human

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