Pgp Encryption Research Paper

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Have you ever heard of Spy-Free or Spy-Proof Emails? Most of people do not know well about the importance of privacy in their email and even they realize its importance, they are not sensitive to it. Now, the world’s best-known email providers Yahoo, and Google put in a great deal of effort to encrypted email system. They will introduce a new secure email system in the near future. However, some experts bring up several problems of encrypted mail. Christopher Soghoian, a security and privacy researcher at the American Civil Liberties Union, said “Yahoo and Google are taking early steps to making the technology easier for normal consumers.” It can be interpreted that few users will adopt the technology immediately. This paper explains what PGP encryption is and how it works, merit of PGP security, what makes difficulty of using PGP encryption, and its limitation.
What is PGP encryption and how does it work? PGP is an abbreviation for “Pretty Good Privacy.” It is a hybrid encryption since PGP is a combination of some best features of both original and public key cryptography. If you encrypt the plaintext using PGP, it firstly compresses the plaintext and by data compression, modem transmission time and disk space are saved. Also, data compression strengthens cryptographic
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Because standard email messages that they normally use can make it possible for someone else to trace their personal information. (Poremba, 2013) For instance, my email which included my banking account and its password can be leaked by hackers. PGP has its advantages and disadvantages; many of the disadvantages to PGP can be overcome through training and some are hardly occured. But for better using, developers of the PGP encryption system should gradually minimize its weak points. This technology will contribute to secure email

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