The Importance Of Pornography

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All around the world, genders are discriminated by other genders. These discriminations caused women to be treated unequally. Women are being used as sex material, categorized and treated differently. Thus, the researcher believes that women can do many things and they can be a person that people will look as a precious thing not just a person that would satisfy men’s sexual needs. To prove this point, the researcher begins with explaining what pornography is. Next, she defines what gender discrimination is. Then, she discusses things women do better than men. Lastly, she tells how to achieve gender equality.
To give coherence to this research, the researcher uses the following definitions.
Pornography is actually a rather sexually explicit
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Pornography is a printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings.
Also, Pornography is a cruel behavior where females become the victims of violence and rape. This indicates that pornography is affecting woman and can ruin life. Thus, It makes woman feel bad about her.
Pornography is obviously degrading women because being a sex material is not the will of a woman as a person. This shows that pornography can caused women to look on herself as unlovable and unworthy. Therefore, involving in pornography means contributing on destroying women’s confidence.
Many are convinced that the real nature of pornography is disgracing a woman’s worth. Pornography dehumanizes women, as they are presented as sexual commodities that are constantly humiliated, physically hurt, get raped, become objects for sexual servility and all the part of their bodies are exposed. Thus, this is not about sex and everything connected with it to be morally wrong, it is about the degradation of the attitude to the role of women in the society.

Research Question 2
What is Gender

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