The Importance Of Pollution In Swansea Bridge

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Within the community of Swansea, I believe that a problematic issue in the environment is the amount of pollution present throughout Swansea Channel, and more specifically, under Swansea Bridge. To further understand the extent of this predicament and identify the main problems and potential solutions, I decided to interview various locals, figure out the most common types of pollution present, investigate how the pollution is affecting the environment, interview a dive expert and get some facts on the problem and to compare the Swansea Bridge area with other various parts of the channel to see if the pollution problem is better or worse in different locations.
Firstly, I wanted to find out how the locals felt about the pollution problem,
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There was much more pollution around this area than I had previously expected. As soon as I came into view of the bridge, I could already see a glass bottle floating down beneath it. I investigated the surface of the water and the concrete areas under and around the bridge, and I discovered that the most common types of pollution were glass/plastic bottles, cigarette butts, plastic bags, and food containers that come from large fast food chains, like KFC and Subway. Many people argued that the reason for this pollution was because of the lack of bins around this area, but there were at least 4 bins in close vicinity of the bridge, so that theory doesn’t really work. Because of this setback in my information, I decided to try and figure out why this pollution was happening, for reasons other than people being too lazy to put their rubbish in the bin. A potential cause for this pollution could be a storm water drain I found that leads directly to the water underneath the bridge. Anything that has been washed from the gutter into this drain is immediately flushed into the channel, which could possibly account for a major amount of pollution in this channel. This problem could me dramatically decreased by potentially putting some kind of filter into the drain that could be cleaned out every couple of days to prevent some of the litter being washed into the

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