The Importance Of Government Policy In America

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n modern American people are crossed on whether the government is actually doing their jobs. To really know what the government should do and why you need to look at the beginning of America. America is based on enlightenment idea by enlightenment thinker such as Locke and Montesquieu. These idea were formed into laws set in our constitution. Once we understand that we also need to know how the government work. What I mean by this is we need to know government policy how policies are made and what they do to regulate the government. Once we understand all of these thing we can understand how American democracy has both fulfilled and failed to fulfill the promise of democratic governance. We first have to start at the beginning of America. …show more content…
These candidate have to go through a long and tiring campaign for the hope that they will win. First the people have to be of age and be a citizen of the United States then they can start campaigning. In a political campaign candidates have to win public opinion. It is important to win public openion because they will be the ones voting for you in the election and without them you’ll lose. You also need to be able to fund your campaign. There are several ways to do this. First you can win the support of Political action committees or PACs or short. Another way is to join a political party. This can sometimes be hard because to be supported by a political party you’ll need to win several debates. The final way is simple donations from the rich to the poor, but there is a limit to the money they can have and use from donors. The Electoral processes is important in preserving American democracy. American power come from the people and without this processes the people don’t really have any power over who is running the country. From the start America has been based around the people and fulfilling its promises. This has not always happened, but in modern America the government has promised and fulfilled most of them. In the beginning we wanted to give the people happiness. Then we made sure the government could provide the necessary thing to give the people happiness. Finally the government have to people the right to govern their own happiness. American has both fulfilled and failed to fulfill its promises of democratic governance, but America is still the land of the

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