The Importance Of Playing The Game Of Basketball

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What if I told you 20 hours is all it takes to learn something new. Not a lot of time, wouldn’t you agree? Josh Kaufman states in his Ted talk called The first 20 hours that with “45 minutes a day for about a month” one can go from being completely incompetent to the point where once you complete your 20 hours of practicing you will be amazed with the results (9:13). Josh Kaufman believes that with his 4 steps one can learn anything. He formulated this method with intensive research. Through Kaufman method my eyes opened up and realized the endless amounts of possibilities that can be amounted to. Want to learn a new language? Go for it. Want to learn how to cook? Why not. The possibilities are endless and the great thing is if you didn’t catch it at first is that all you need is 20 hours. Yes, 20 hours which can easily be Brocken up to 45 minutes a day for about a month and even having some days off. In Using Josh Kaufman 4 step method effectively, one can learn how to play the game of basketball. The idea of learning a new skill can be overwhelming. Learning, in the way that humans can, is one of the fundamental ways …show more content…
Kaufman suggest to “Get three to five resource about the topic” which is basketball in this case (10:35). This is important so you know the right way to do the skills and efficiently. You want to learn just enough about basketball so you can self-correct as you practice the game (10:30). Sit down and actual watch NBA/college games and see how the pros do it. You will be building your basketball IQ. Basketball IQ is a player’s ability to limit mistakes. The more you build your basketball IQ, the game will become easier and one will be able to make the right play at the right time without forcing it. You will start to see and react to things faster. With great basketball IQ you’ll play with poise and understand the tempo. You will be able to take what the game gives you and make the most of each

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