The Importance Of Phonemic Awareness For Student Academic Success

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Introduction In education, reading plays an integral role in student academic success. It impacts all academic areas including math. However, many students struggle with reading and thus become limited in their ability to have a successful education. Reading is not confined to the capacity to decode words but also involves being able to comprehend and make generalizations while reading. Unfortunately, many students struggle with the ability to bridge the gap between these two skills.
Reading is a crucial skill that all people must acquire to successfully function in the world. However, many individuals struggle with reading. Some of the reading challenges stem from disabilities. However, what role does phonemic awareness play in reading success? There has been some controversy over the purpose and role of phonemic awareness plays in reading. In their article, authors, Yopp and Yopp attempt to define and discuss the importance of Phonemic Awareness in literacy. They state that phonemic awareness instruction should be deliberate and purposeful. Students should be able to make connections with skills that have been taught. While teaching phonemic awareness to youngsters, they should be making connections with their environment.
Adequate phonemic skills must be taught to ensure learners can properly decode words. Phonemic awareness is one of the foundational skills in reading and must be mastered to guarantee learners can successfully engage with a text.…

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