What Creates Drive Or Perseverance Within My Life

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What creates drive or perseverance within my life? That is the question that came to mind when reading the overview of the essay assessment. To answer this unique question I began thinking of all the things the Lord has placed in my life, both good and bad. Many things came to mind such as family, fatherhood, my wife, church, death, sadness, etc. The Lord places these events in our lives for a purpose and a reason but we are the deciding factors for what we do with them. So when I think of what is driving me to write this paper, finish school and get my degree; the one event in my life that stands out above the rest is being blessed with two beautiful children. My wife and I were married when we were 19 and we began parenthood at the young …show more content…
Why should school be any different? I mentioned earlier that I had thought about the good and bad things in my life that drive me. It seems that there really aren’t bad times in our lives, they are just lessons that we can either learn from or discard. Through the years I have thrown this lesson aside and have forged my own path. I never dealt with the obstacle of school because it was easier to quit and do just “enough” to get by. I was not only hurting my family financially but I was also not being the best father and husband I could. Finishing school isn’t something that I need to do for myself but for my family but especially my children. My children encompass every aspect of my life. They are the driving force behind everything that I do. I could sit here and try to write about other things that have drawn me back to school but everything I have is them. It has taken a lot of prayer and faith to help me arrive at the point in my life to realize that I wasn’t providing them with everything I had. Coming to this realization in my life has never had more excited and driven to go back to school and give it everything that I

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