Reflective Essay: The Importance Of Being In High School

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When I was 24 years old I decided that I was going to get my high school diploma. My reasoning was simple, at least for me, I wasn’t going to be my children’s excuse for not getting an education. I remember my first day of class I felt geriatric compared to my classmates, but I did not allow this to deter me from my goal. Being in class at times felt like a never-ending struggle, it felt like I had a mountain of homework to climb and it still does even now. This was never going to be an easy feat for me, I understood that from the beginning. I had a full plate two kids, ages five and three, and a few weeks later learned I was pregnant with my youngest daughter. It didn’t help constantly hearing that I was a being a bad mother and I was wasting …show more content…
I was tired of hearing that I was failing my children and wasting my time. Before my mother got a chance to caution me against quieting my son walked in. I never really noticed how much he paid attention to me. Until he said with the most serious face I had ever seen on him. “If you quite mommy, I get to quit too.” These words have stayed with me. I hear those words as clear as the day he spoke them, using them as a mantra. Although, a challenging decision, choosing to pursue an education has proven to be a great on for me even if it was a rough start.
My educational journey in my earlier years had its highs and lows. My mind has always worked in numbers not words which taught me at a young age what I would fail and succeed at. In the third grade, I learned that words hated me and that they had a vendetta against my writing. This lead to my third-grade teacher, Mrs. Lee, calling a special meeting for my mother and myself. This didn’t worry me until I saw the fire in my mother’s eyes rebelling against my teachers which were filled with sorrow. This was the day my teacher attempted to hold me back a grade and my mother responded by saying my teacher had failed me. At that moment, I learned my mother believed
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Continuously hearing that you are smart doesn’t help once everything becomes fuzzy. My freshman year my teachers lived to tell me how smart was and how much potential I had. The problem was that I didn't believe them and set myself up to fail. I would ditch class when I didn’t have not my homework. I stopped wanting to deal with the consequences of my actions. It would only get worse from there. I met the guy who would be the father of my children my junior year which progressed to me giving up homework completely. He was two years older than me and he was always wanting me with him rather than at school. So when the boy you supposedly love, tells you to go hang out with him if you are anything like me, you blindly go even though you know it's not the best option. The following year I become pregnant with my first child. I was full of excuses once I learned I was pregnant. I would either be too tired or not in the mood for doing homework. It was my senior year in high school I had made the decision to formally give up for myself. It would be many years later until I chose to make a change in my

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