Performance Assessment Essay

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Final Assessment

Performance and Test Assessment. Assignment Instructions provided in class.

Purpose: You are a teacher who has planned an exciting unit for her students with well-structured learning objectives that are linked to standards. What will be the performance assessment you will include as a culminating assignment?
Grade: 1st grade. Social Studies
Topic of Unit: Goods and Services. Making the right choice.
Goods and services is very important unit for students that will help them to understand why they are coming in the school every day, why their parents have to go working every day, why they need jobs, and what other people can do for them. The unit will help students understand the importance of school. They would identify what is difference between needs
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- At the end of the unit, students would be able to create a model of businesses or stores in our community, and make a booklet about goods and services provided by these businesses, with 80% accuracy.

Introduction to Project: At the end of the unit, students will create the art project – a model of businesses and stores that are providing services for the people living in our community, and after that make a booklet to introduce these goods and services. The project will provide information about students’ understanding of needs and wants, goods and services. Moreover, the project will reflect students’ understanding how people living in our community are making choices about goods and services to gratify their basic needs and their wants.

What type of Pre-Assessment (How will I know what students know about this topic?)
- To assess students understanding of goods and services, students will work independently sorting the pictures of goods and

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