The Importance Of Perfection

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The road to perfection is a long and tiring journey. In the end, the person becomes lost on the gravel road that previously seemed so familiar. They realize that there is no end on the road to perfection because it has no finish line. When they look back on the road they have traveled, they see their blood, sweat, and tears which were disguised as a friend. The long winding roads soon start disappearing before their eyes as they can never go back to what they once were: themselves. Perfection has no limits on what it will consume. It knocks on the doors of the houses people live in saying their standard of living is wrong. The standards of appearance have also suffered as well by the word perfection. In every society, a culture tries to put …show more content…
A model is described by many as representing perfection in appearance. Nevertheless, the media markets altered images of the models by using Photoshop. As a result, even the models are not considered perfect enough by the brands that sponsor them. Likewise, runway models will go to extreme lengths to be the skinniest they can possibly be, even if it deteriorates their health in the process. Different people may think beautiful is skinny, average, curvy, or being overweight. This goes to show that everyone does not have the same ideals as others. The reason why people want to be perfect is because it is believed as a positive compliment. As a result, by saying someone is not perfect is negative by how society sees perfection. This is the cause of having so many people wanting to be accepted by society. Also, there are trends in beauty that change over time. Currently, Western society has a craze over being curvy and fit. So not only is being perfect irrelevant, it also has an expiration date. For example, fashion changes every year by throwing out some of the old and putting in some of the new. Fashion can be recycled over time. Having a perfect appearance means having an unrealistic version of themselves that no one could actually obtain by fitting everyone’s standards of what is perfect. Perfection is not just limited to human beings. It goes farther on the spectrum than that. For instance, having the perfect dog means a pure breed not a mutt. People’s opinions of the word is very limited when it only fits the highest of standards. Being perfect means individuals are on a higher pedestal than the majority who are left behind. It is like the billionaires who group themselves with other people just like them because they feel they are superior to the middle class. Being imperfect is more realistic because it is physically impossible to be

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