Annotated Bibliography Of Barbie Doll

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Alex Kimmell
Mrs. Andrea Glenn
Composition II, First Period
29 January, 2016
Barbie Doll
An Annotated Bibliography
Anschutz, Doeschka, and Rutger Engels. "The Effects Of Playing With Thin Dolls On
Body Image And Food Intake In Young Girls."Sex Roles 63.9/10 (2010): 621-630.
Academic Search Complete. Web. 26 Jan. 2016.
This was a study conducted to observe the effect that playing with Barbie dolls had on girls ages six to ten. The study was conducted on several young Dutch girls. These girls were randomly assigned to play with a thin doll, an average-sized doll, or Legos in an area where no dolls were present. After roughly ten minutes, they participated in a taste-test and completed several questions about body image. There were no differences
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"`Barbie Doll' And `G.I. Joe': Exploring Issues Of Gender." English Journal 88.3
(1999): 83. Academic Search Complete. Web. 26 Jan. 2016.
Robert Perrin feels that his article is somewhat of an apology to women. He concluded that it was mostly men that were to blame for upholding women to ridiculous standards, as mentioned in the poem Barbie Doll. His article points out how to image of the perfect girl/woman developed over the years. It evolved from a woman being called perfect for her ability to be an outstanding housewife, and now the perfect woman must have perfect physical features. This perfect image begins to affect a young woman’s life as soon as she is released into the world.
Piercy, Marge. "Barbie Doll Poem." N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Jan. 2016.
The poem begins with the speaker referencing the birth of a girlchild, and all of the usual toys that go along with it. When the girl hits puberty, her fellow classmates tell her that she has a big nose and fat legs. Although she is actually intelligent, strong, and healthy the kids only see a big nose and fat legs. The girl is told to behave, be coy, and to always have a smile on her face. As time goes on, she begins to feel worn out “like a fan belt,” so she cuts off her nose and legs and offers them up. When she is in the casket the mortician has made a putty nose for her and because of her fake nose, everyone says she finally looks pretty. In the end the girl is happy that everyone thinks she looks
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He quotes that both Barbie and playboy show women off as having “floodlit skin, so sleek and warm / And yet so strangely uniform” which causes society to believe that is exactly how a woman should look. Scimone also notes that while women are expected to have these perfect physical features, they are still criticized for being “too fake,” thus never ending the impossible standards women are expected to live up it. They are either not perfect enough, or they are trying to hard, says

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