Does Participation In Extracurricular Activities Affect Student Achievement?

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Nearly 6 out of 10 students participate in extracurricular activities according to the United States Census Bureau in 2014. There exist a wide variety of extracurricular activities, which are social contexts that can foster positive peer association, which include academic activities such as after school homework clubs, sports, leadership, honors clubs, etc. These activities help shape students’ experiences during high school, which are essential for academic and nonacademic accomplishments. Thus, it is important to investigate what factors (i.e. activities) inhibit and enhance achievement. The central research question that guides this research is: how does the participation in extracurricular activities affect student’s decision
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I have been able to witness the incredible change in a students work ethic in mere weeks when attending an after school homework club. These students have also gained a positive attitude for learning and strive for high achievement in their academics. In addition, these students have a safe environment to socialize and obtain emotional and academic support. I know that there are still many students struggling at the school, as in many others. Some may be too timid to seek help, or don’t know where to go to get it. Others may be seeking something more in order to attain higher goals, thus this issue moves beyond my experiences, and is important because these students are our next generation and should have every opportunity to perform their best. They should also be provided an environment that fosters learning and expects hard …show more content…
This could be something deliberate in order to make a point that the benefits and advantages to these activities greatly out weigh any costs, if there are any to find.
This leads into the purpose of this research, which is to explore more about the effects of extracurricular activities and if there is a connection to be found to positive academic outcomes, to suggest measures that may be taken to encourage student’s involvement in these activities. Parents, teachers, and administration should influence student involvement in extracurricular activities. Parents can allow students to stay after school even if it means they arrange their schedule. Teachers and administration can promote activities and inform students about the variety of opportunities that are offered.
Hopefully through this research many eyes will be opened to the vas number of benefits to extracurricular activities within and without the academic standpoint. To achieve this, multiple pieces of research will be evaluated to draw a strong connection to these

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