The Importance Of Oliver Brown Vs The Board Of Education

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All people regardless of color, race, or religion deserve to be equally protected under the law. Not only do they have the right to be protected but they have the right to have an equal opportunity to thrive. Brown went against the Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas because he believed that his daughter and other colored children deserved quality education and because he lived by a white school, however because of segregation his little girl had to travel a much further distance to a colored school and he saw this as an unfair scenario. Unfortunately children who would spend time traveling far distances to a colored school weren’t abnormal. Before the court decision was made, schools where segregated and it was legal so although people didn’t …show more content…
Segregation was legal although it is morally reprehensible. Oliver Brown argued that although schooling was provided, it wasn’t equal because it was violating the 14th amendment to the United States Constitution. Brown versus the Board of Education not only allowed integration in schools but it pushed the communities towards success , helped the constitution to lean towards equal protection under the law and helped future equality movements.
Schooling was provided for all children and legally the schools were said to be “separate but equal” because the children would be schooled without being integrated. During the time schools where not integrated because they followed the Plessy v. Ferguson case of 1896. The 1896 case explained that public facilities so long as they were the same could be separate for colored and whites. The Brown case was representing four other cases, Brown
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Further more people found that the schools did not provide the same quality and therefore violated the 14th amendment. If children are being damaged to the point where a group of social scientist agreed, then there was defiantly something wrong with segregated school. It is difficult for two people to agree on a topic sometimes but 30 scientists agreed that segregated schools where profundity impacting children and that speaks volumes on so many levels. Those children where to eventually grow and have the cycle be repeated once again with their children.
Oliver Brown was not the only person who felt that segregated schools where wrong. There was entire organization that helped people like him. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People or the NAACP attorneys filed a class action against the school district of Topeka, Kansas and amongst those lawsuits was Oliver Browns case. A white school prohibit his daughter from enrolling .The federal district court dismissed his case, saying that it was

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