Correctional Staff Observation

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For this week’s article review, the class was asked to read an article written by Lambert and Paoline discussing the mentality of correctional staff while performing their job duties. The article was published in 2008.Understanding the critical role that staff play in any type of institution, but more so in a correctional setting, studies have concentrated on attitudes of their staff that focus on job stress, job satisfaction, and commitment. Specifically, Paoline and Lambert wanted to determine if there was a direct correlation between the occupational attitudes and key variables of demographics, job and organizational characteristics.

For the purpose of this study, I find it imperative to state that this study is one of the first one’s of its kind to measure the impact of mentality of correctional staff relating to their attitudes of their current employer. Researchers and employers alike, have taken notice over the last several decades
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By doing so, not only improved job satisfaction, lowered job stress and furthered the employee’s commitment to the organization. “Perceptions of promotional opportunities had a powerful effect for all three occupational attitudes” (Lambert & Paoline, 008, p.557). This simply means that an employer needs to identify a clear pathway on how an employee can achieve promotional opportunities. An area of job characteristics that I found interesting that it was finally demonstrated in a research study was the impact of dangerousness of one’s job and how it affected their level of stress and satisfaction. Having variety in one’s job not only keeps an employee stimulated, it increases their level of satisfaction and reduces job stress. Furthermore, the study showed a direct relationship between the three occupational attitudes of job stress, job satisfaction and organizational

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