The Importance Of Nursing As A Profession Essay

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Promoting Nursing as a Profession.
This essay will underpin the principles of what nursing is and the role of the nurse within the mental health, exploring professional regulations, legal and ethical frameworks within health and social care. Additionally this essay will demonstrate the values and skills to develop personally and professionally within a nursing practice as a result of these regulations, frameworks and experience in order to progress towards competency in a lifelong learning career.
The role of nursing has evidently changed throughout centuries. Mental Health as a profession has significantly changed throughout history, with the profession shaping new regulations and laws, education, treatment and more.
‘The Handbook for the Instruction of Attendants on the Insane’ was issued to Mental Health Nurses in early history by doctors as guidance as well as their experience on the job to practice nursing to the best of their ability. Lectures and Examinations were put in place in 1891 by the Royal College of psychiatrists, the first nationwide training programme for nurses. By 1922, RMPA and General nursing council offered two qualifications for Mental Health nurses; however, RMPA discontinued these qualifications in the 1950’s. In comparison to today Mental Health Nurses are identified amongst the other nursing fields and it is obligatory to complete a degree therefore having the competency to practice and being a fully trained registered state nurse. Mental…

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