The Importance Of Nurses Impact On Past And Present Health Care

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Nurses Impact on Past and Present Health Issues
The impact nurses have with regards to immunization and health care, is by being an advocate, and a resource used to educate people on the importance that vaccinations have on their overall health. According to a report given by the former American Nurse Association [ANA] President Karen Daley, “Registered nurses play a vital role in teaching patients, families, and communities about how to prevent disease…with pertussis, we are counting on nurses to be front-line defenders” (Zimlich, 2014, para. 3).
Registered nurses are effectively giving vaccines, refuting fears and misunderstandings, and providing education regarding the dangers of not being immunized (Zimlich, 2014). The ANA, who has a long-standing
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Prevention has become a primary focus for nurses to educate the public about the benefits of reducing preventable disease through vaccination. Nurses carry a significant influence by bringing awareness to increase the use of recommended immunizations. For example, school nurses can use evidence-based immunization strategies to increase vaccination rates. These plans include school-located vaccination clinics, reminders of vaccine schedules, and vaccine education for families, faculty, and students (NASN, …show more content…
International traveling is very common now, and an unvaccinated individual can quickly catch these infections. In addition to these, the long schedules, rumors about the harmful side effects, religious exemptions are all making vaccination unacceptable. But, the real fact is that vaccines have saved millions of lives from the threat of infectious diseases like smallpox, polio, and hepatitis (Public Health, 2016). Nurses should realize the fact, that vaccines remain as the highest pillars of modern medicine, and provide individual as well as community protection. Since nurses encompass the largest group of reliable health care workers, they can do a lot to make vaccinations more acceptable, and agreeable to the world (Public Health, 2016). Keeping these facts in mind, nurses can act proactively for protection, by providing education about the prevention benefits in prenatal, and well-baby clinics to alleviate parents’ concerns. Nurses can give appropriate educational teachings in the schools, and also to religious leaders where religious restrictions hinder people from vaccination (Public Health,

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