The Importance Of Nonverbal Communication As A Communication Essay

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“The most important thing in communication, is to hear what isn’t being said.”-Peter Drucker. Everyday people around the world use nonverbal communication as a means to communicate. Communication takes on many other forms, other than verbal communication. For example, a person can communicate through paintings, dance and music. In this photograph the officer is standing very close to the woman, holding her wrists and looking down upon her. The woman has her eyes closed indicating they aren’t making eye contact, she is also standing straight instead of slouched over. This photograph can be seen in a variety of different ways. As an example, I view this photo as an officer being aggressive towards this woman since he is grabbing her wrists with his fingers interlocked while he’s looking down at her. Another observation I made was the officer may be comforting the woman, he may be giving her bad news for example her son got hit by a car and he wants to hold her in case she collapses. Also it could be a mother and her son before he goes off to work and the mother is praying for him hoping nothing bad happens to him, while he is reassuring her he’ll be okay. Although this photo looks like he is intimidating her the reality of it could be something completely different. However I will never know what the reality of it was because I wasn’t there when it happened, I didn’t witness this event. People can communicate in multiple ways other than speaking. Some examples include…

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