Nature And Nurture In Early Childhood Education

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Young age is the one when a person needs time from one’s parents and people who live in surroundings. How a child gets matured in an environment depends on basically two things – nature and nurture. Nature is what the child has been endowed with by birth. But that too has an effect on the activities going on in the surroundings of that child. The mother, the father, the siblings(if any), and many other people who live around the child, who work around the child, have a permanent influence. Nurture is what the child has been taught to do in life. Nurture should be done very carefully, as children are really observant. They are so watchful of the parents that they imbibe every little activity what the parents do or say. The above paragraph was mentioned so that I can connect my own little experiences with this nature and nurture philosophy. I have seen my parents not only working hard but also serving others. This has given me an insight into how life is like when it comes to serving other people. I too would like to become a person of substance. I have the caliber to know the human behavior, I have the caliber to help them to mu fullest capacity, I have the caliber to educate people when …show more content…
This is a pretty heart touching lesson, as it enrolls me into the most vivacious atmosphere of my home. Serving other people, doing work in time and reaching a place on time are the basic requirements of the recipe for success. At the same time, we should be responsible enough to fulfill our duties towards our family as well. We do not take time out for our families many times, which results in the creation of gaps. Those gaps then leave a hollowness that is not easy to fill. If I ever had hurt myself, which was because of that hollowness as far as I think. The hollowness is the only thing that hurts me the most and I have learned the most from this one

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