What Does Religion Mean To Me Essay

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Having reread my original autobiography I have realized how different my view on religion was then in comparison to now. Although I have never been extremely active in my religion I have gained a deeper understanding as to what it means to be Catholic. I had once thought that Catholicism was not a big part of my life but I have come to realize that it greatly affects me and how I view the world.
“You’re not a real Catholic if [....]”. This is a phrase I have heard many times since I have been at Saint Mary’s. Many of the books we have read have given different definitions of what religion is so, why can’t Catholics have different definitions of what Catholicism is? I believe that since we are surrounded by people of the same religion we often tend to force our practices onto others. As social beings I feel that we all want to
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How can I stand by something when I do not share the same moral values? The church does not directly support the LGBTQ community and is against the use of contraception. As a consequence, those who take part in both of these things are shunned from the church. Am I Catholic if my religion is not accepting of all? As a person of color I often feel as if I do not belong in society as it is, so how can I in turn ostracized others. I still consider myself Catholic although there are many Catholic teachings I do not agree with. I am still a Catholic because I strongly believe acceptance is a big part of what it means to be Catholic and no one can force me to practice my religion in any way I do not want to. I had once stated that in High School I was surrounded by people of various religions. My friends who were Jewish, Buddhist and Muslim were all very welcoming when it came to others. Because of this I find it odd that many people I have met here, who claim they are accepting because they are Catholic, do not stand up for those who are often not welcomed in

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