What Is Narratively Dysfunctional?

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What else can I do than to start off by saying my life is beautifully dysfunctional? Each of my family members are like a different colors in the same painting, they all have different tones and shades. The both good and bad quality about these colors is that some of them are extremely vibrant in color and rage with exuberance, while others are soft and quiet with calm tones; the one thing in common is they all come together like a beautiful painting; that is what I love about my family.
To start off the becoming of me, mother already had two children from previous relationships; Tiffany and John, both seven years apart. A year after a miscarriage due to chemicals at the Bronx Zoo in New York where my mother worked, my parents decided to try
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We were the talk of the family, being the first set of twins born, in old photos we would always be surrounded by family members, one person would hold one twin and another person held the other twin. We both were chubby babies with light blonde hair and blue eyes, we looked like tennis balls. It was like a twin pack, you could not get one twin without the other. I am lucky to say I grew up in a loving Italian culture, where the community was always happy with one another.
The childhood memories I adore the most are the ones with my Italian grandparents on my mother’s side, who would have dinner every Sunday, and my family on my father’s side, when my grandma would spoil me with delicious Italian food. There is nothing in this world I enjoy more than being in the presence of my family, and being blessed enough to be surrounded by such hardworking people who taught me all of the things I know
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On the verge of becoming a teenager, in the 8th grade. I learned about sex, due to sexual education classes. Puberty hit me at a young age, and there was tremendous impact dealing with my weight gain. I had absolutey no problems with my self-identification Throughout all of my life I was always unhealthy for my age and height, numerous ways of trying to lose weight, and all I did was gain unwanted weight, I knew the feeling of shame long before I should have because of it. I am sure things would have been a lot different in my life without all of the extra weight, but I did not think much of it at the

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