Mary Ann Liebert Music As Medicine Analysis

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Music is Medicine There are many different types of medication in the advanced world that we live in today. Our scientists and doctors have produced treatment to cure almost any sickness. Many people in today’s society do not realize that there are more simple ways to treat every day problems. However, music can be a huge solution to sickness and a great substitute for medicine. In the text “Music as Medicine”, Mary Ann Liebert explains:

Music is one of the oldest tools in medicine, with a long standing history across time and cultures. Music has been used in not only medical, including pain, management but also to facilitate mental health and well-being, and music’s reach has ranged from spiritual/cultural realms. (Liebert, 251)

Music can
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It is believed to positively help students with the way that they learn. There are several different reasons listening to music can help students concentrate and remember what was studied. Studies have concluded that listening to music while studying minimizes distractions and helps to not lose concentration. Music also makes it easier to concentrate and actually absorb what is being studied. The most documented study is the “Mozart effect.” It states that listening to Mozart’s music while studying may generate a short-term enhancement on the performance of specific mental tasks. It has been proven to enhance spatial temporal reasoning and an sharpen cognitive state. When studying, listen to a song and then listen to the same song right before the exam. This helps to remember what was studied. Music benefits students while studying by relaxing and clear the mind of other non-essential thoughts that are not needed to help pass the exam. It also can stimulate the brain and energize the body causing the body to be more alert. “Previous research has found numerous benefits to listening to music before performing a task– it improves attention, memory, and even mental math ability” (Sheela Doraiswamy, Does Music Help You Study). Music can boost mood and give a more positive outlook on studying and during your exam.When it comes to studying, music is a great …show more content…
It benefits us as humans in so many ways that we do not realize. Music is in our everyday life. Relaxation is a huge factor in life. Everyone would like to sit down and relax every once in awhile. With the presence of music everyone can simply turn on their favorite tunes and calm the mind. Improving performance is a must when it comes to athletes. With the presence of music, athletes do not have to take performance enhancing drugs. This will keep the body more healthy and happy. It will also keep the athletes out of trouble. Your mind is the most powerful part of a human. Any athlete can do whatever they put their mind to with the right mindset and motivation. Music can give them the right motivation. Every single student has studied at some point in school. However, some may study more than others. With music involved while studying, students will make better grades in the classroom. If studying while listening to music helps that much, it should be enforced in the classroom as well. Music is a very powerful source and it strongly affects relaxation, improving performance, and

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