The Limits Of My Language: Mother Tongue By Amy Tan

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“The meanings of my language mean the limits of my world”- Ludwig wittgenstein. Communication is an important part of one’s daily life. We go from a “Hey, good morning”, to a “Have a great day”. When people communicate effectively, it helps eliminate misunderstandings on a diurnal basis. Language is the key to communication. Language represents words, whether it is writing or speaking. On the other hand, communication is all about the message. “Mother tongue”, an essay written by Amy tan, “explores ‘all the Englishes’ that are part of her identity”. The story focuses on the prejudices of Tan and her mother and the limitations that imperfect English can impose on society and the richness that such English could bring into writing. Which scrutinizes …show more content…
In one part of my life, language did mean a limit to my world. Not knowing the language everyone got around to, made me feel inferior to whatever was happening around me. To my mother, her language means the limits to her world, she can’t go day by day without having someone to open the language barriers of her limitations to perform daily duties. Without the language, people can’t communicate appropriately. From the birth, we have been learning a language.The older the child gets, the more he will broaden his language knowledge.By the end almost everybody faces with the fact that there are moments when we cannot express our thoughts with the help of words.That means that there still remains limitations of our language.It is a very complicated problem because the limitations of language mean limitations of our communication with people and the world around us .Language is an extremely important way of interacting with the people around us. We use language to let others know how we feel, what we need, and to ask questions. We can modify our language to each situation. For instance, we would not use our mother language to interact with individuals outside of our comfort zone, in other words, would not use the same language we use at home, at hospitals, schools, or important

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