The Importance Of Modern Technology

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Technology is advancing every year and growing at a very fast pace. The new generation is adapting to the fast growing changes in technology; the older generations are not as fast to adapt to the changes. Although I had a hard time adapting to the technology I researched and learned the ways to learn the internet when it was first introduced to me. I adapted rather quickly, while my parents had a hard time understanding the concept of the internet and accessibility; when I moved to the United States I was more tech savvy compared to my little brother and parents. Learning the technology helped me understand the “new” patch or the improvement on a tech, like the differences in the advancement of graphics card and motherboards for computers. …show more content…
Self-reflection makes the person 's characteristics, actions, and emotions that they carry out in a social setting. In the episode Pound lost her ability of self-reflection, Lacie’s brother even said, that he missed the old Lacie Pound that was fun and relatable. He also said I don’t even know you anymore. The modern technology is slowly decreasing our social interaction with each other and concentrate more on our popularity in social media. According to Sherry Turkle’s TED talk, she states that using our mobile device helps us “escape from the conversation.” This means that we are willing to look at our phones than talking to the person next to us face to face. Turkle also addresses that we are losing sensitivity while on the social media, we text or browse the media when there is an important event happening. I admit that at one point I fell into the loop of social media. I concentrated more on looking at my Instagram and Facebook feed than trying to make a conversation with family or friend. I broke the habit because my cousins carried out a family rule that when we are eating, we cannot use our phones, so I deactivated my Facebook and Instagram. After a while, I reactivated my account and set a rule for myself that I would limit myself using social media outlets. Since then I have learned how to carry myself into a conversation and being willing to start a conversation with people I do not know in a gathering, such as meeting new club members or introducing myself to

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