The Importance Of Ministry

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Ministers our task with making sure we beliefs are rooted in Christ through faith.It because of this we are are saved and live a life that is committed to Jesus Christ.
2 Corinthians 5:17 speaks of if we are in christ we are new creatures and old habits are passes and behold we are new. As ministers we are charge with making sure that we allow the newness that christ has introduce to due is permanent, and we continually to grow in this through our relationship with Christ. 2 Corinthians 13:5 reminds us to that its our daily responsibility to stay pure and genuine. Ministers must live a life one who doesn 't condone practicing sin.
Matthew 6:33 speaks the importance of how we must always seek the kingdom of god and the result of
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One of the most proficient tool within he believers built is prayer. This is every ministers’ life line when it comes life. We have the model prayer which jesus teaches the disciples and us how to prayer.It is through this model that we our taught a basis order of prayer: Reverence, Thanks, Repentance, Guidance , and Surrenderance. As we develop a prayer life of our own from spending time with jesus and allowing the holy ghost to make intercession for us, we must continually life the body of believers at large,nations, laborers, and unbroken conscience of the lord. The areas which Jesus admonishes us to prayer in are all apart of the kingdom of heaven. The body of believers at large is important because the Bible tell us that we are many member but of one body and all work in unison to accomplish the focal point of jesus message saving the world. We must pray also for nations. The nations represent the rules who sent in every authority figure role and make the laws which we abide by. Laborers refer to the working of the vision of churches. We need workers to be the hand and the feet of Jesus. A unbroken conscience of the lord meaning that we as minster must be able to develop an attitude for prayer and have the spirit of prayer. The bible speak so about how its the prayer of the righteous who had much fervency and sincerity that avail

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