The Importance Of No Zero Policies

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Secondary schools should be required to implement no zero policies instead of failing policies because they provide students with safe and structured working environments and empowers those who struggle academically, or not, to work harder.

Minimum grading practices provide structured and helpful environments to all students. Receiving a poor grade in school can deter students from viewing school as a helpful environment and can encourage students to blame teachers for their failure. The new minimum grading practice uses a different approach to failing students. Instead of receiving a zero for incomplete or late work, students are pursued by their teachers until said work is completed, no matter how long it takes. (Cary) Although these policies are geared towards those who tend to under perform in a
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For both types of students, zeros can be disastrous. Schools recognize this and believe that minimum grading practices can rectify that. As Carifio and Carey write,
“All schools understand the importance of providing students a meaningfully stable environment, but few schools practice predictable, consistent grading that is easily understood by all. Such stability could go a long way toward helping students understand that causal factors – both those within and beyond their personal control – can have a significant and positive impact on future performances.” (“Grading Policies” 29-30)
By choosing to address this issue now, schools are showing that they are committed to brightening their student’s futures. If taken seriously and implemented properly, students will prosper from no zero practices in no time. No zero policies encourage students to work

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