Essay On Letter Grades

Letter grades existed long before we are born. According to Mark W. Durm, “1883—At Harvard there is a reference to a student making a B. This apparently was the first use of a letter for a grade that can be found” (1). There are many great leaders attended schools and received letter grades; even our grand parents might have received letter grades in their life. Many people attended school and grew up with grades and every one of us is very familiar with grades. We fought for good grades to get into different programs and honor rolls. If we ban letter grades and disburse report cards with comments, students and parents will be confused what they are actually receiving. Each letter represent students’ performances in school and allow them to …show more content…
of Microsoft Corporation. He has been the wealthiest person on the planet for four years running and he is a Harvard University dropout” (Afrarian and Kleiner). However, Bill Gates was able to attend Harvard University; which means he did receive good grades in order for Harvard University to accept him. Furthermore, he is a very intelligent man who has his own company and develops great technologies that everyone uses today. No everyone who drops out of college or high school can have a good outcome. If everyone who drop out of school and become millionaires then we will not have any homeless people on the streets. Furthermore, if we ban letter grades that does not mean students don’t need to study. If students do not study and they are evaluated based on their performances, they will still be bad. Some people think that if we ban letter grades students will get more time to rest. However, banning letter grades does not mean that students are free from home works and tests. Plus, if they are given report cards based on their performance, it can have unfair results because teachers can give whatever comments they want. If the students are nice to teachers then they can have good comments such as “average” or “above average”. This is unfair for students who are shy and quiet because they can be very smart and just receive an “average” or “below average”. Letter grade is a fair way to grade students because they will receive points for questions that they have answered

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