The Importance Of Mentalism In Boxing

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The safety of the sport of boxing without head protection has not been explored as completely as the impact of many other sports like American Football. In 1995, a book published from USA Boxing, the governing body of Olympic-style amateur boxing stated; "There have been very few publications which have dealt with the specifics of athlete training for the sport of Olympic-style/amateur boxing"(5). It is 2016 and there are now a few in-depth studies on the safety of headgear regarding boxing even after its exclusion in the Olympics in 2012. However, there were many studies performed for the inclusion of the headgear in 1982. AIBA will be removing the headgear in 2017 of Elite females and by 2018 will be removing the headgear
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It was also a display of confidence for President Wu to prophesy a surge in popularity for the sport. All the issues surrounding these controversies heavily influence that popularity. I hope this further controversy sparks discussion about brain injury in sports

A report talks about the individual sports participants’ mentality and their desire to control the aspects of the sport participation. The difference between team sports and indivual sports athlete’s mental approach to training and competing. The “win alone, lose alone” idea of not sharing the credit or failure mentality is much higher. This information is useful in the individual sports approach to training for this project.

“Protective headgear and helmets decrease the potential for severe TBI after a collision by reducing the acceleration of the head on impact, thereby decreasing the brain-skull collision and the sudden deceleration-induced axonal injury.” (6)

It was no surprise that full padding plus gloves offered the most protection against linear impacts. But the padding did little to protect against rotational impacts; padding is primarily set up to stop something from colliding head-on with whatever surface it protects, rather than slowing

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