What I Learned In My Mathematics Classroom

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Math for educators has been an extremely helpful learning experience for me thus far. Everyday we are taught different problem solving skills and ways to make math fun and enjoyable for the future students that we will teach. As a person who struggles in math and has never taken a liking to it throughout elementary school and beyond, it is important to me that I have the proper training to implement new and different learning techniques in my classroom to assist students in the most helpful and intriguing way. In our class today, we were introduced to the domino activity. I never knew that there were so many things to know about dominos. I also never knew that they could be used as a fantastic learning tool for all ages. The domino activity taught me very important mathematic skills. The main skill that was used was problem solving. There are many branches that stem from problem solving during this activity; such as, organizing …show more content…
I will ensure that I teach my students how to develop the proper problem solving skills and critical/creative thinking that are needed to solve higher-level questions. My math methods class will also give me new and exciting math game ideas in order to warm up my students brains and get their minds focused on math while at the same time making it fun. The main thing that stands out to me in comparison to my prior learning experiences in math is the ability to make math fun. My prior math experiences were extremely dull so it is exciting for me to learn knew ways to incorporate learning and fun into math. The domino activity included problem solving, number recognition, and pattern solving among other things. These are all of the skills that children must master while on their journey to learn math. The domino activity is enjoyable to play, therefore, while you are playing it the student is acquiring all of these skills without realizing

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