The Importance Of Love In Lancelot

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What good is love if it kills you? In Lancelot: or the Knight of the Cart, Lancelot embarks on a quest in which his knighthood is put to the ultimate test in order to save his lover Guinevere. Even though she is married to King Author, who was accidentally tricked into giving her away to Meleagant as a prisoner of war. It appears as though Lancelot is the only one who can save her, which he does. Some argue this love triangle was created as a celebration of love, because to be so in love with someone that you are willing to die for them is a truly beautiful act of commitment, that is the kind of love everyone should strive for a love that defies all reasoning and logic (even though that didn’t get Romeo and Juliet very far). Is this Lancelot …show more content…
For Lancelot to put his own life in danger, goes against God and the church. Even though he had a chance to save her which makes none of his actions logical. He has rendered himself useless as a knight. If he’ d rather execute himself than save the women he loves he is no longer a knight he is a coward unworthy of knighthood. He does not think of the fact he would fail his mission and never be able to save the queen if he were to kill himself. It’s like he does not think at all as if he were in a corrupted trance. As he goes on his way it is admitted that his only thought was to “save one creature for whom he forgot all others”(216). Nobody else matters but Guinevere. His whole world revolves around the love of her, his love for her has eaten away at his soul “ he was unable to recall his own name”(216). Expressing that he could no longer remember his own name is evidence that he was no longer a human he was just a body, a body with one thought and one goal, no other thoughts or emotions. Lost so deep in thought he does not hear the warnings of the guardian of a stream, and for this he is knocked into the water. What good is a knight if he cannot defend himself from even the mildest danger? Lancelot can not be a hero if he can not even do the

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